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One week of turnkey program for

regain daily energy and reduce your ecological footprint

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A meal plan

Adapted to your daily life

You can print the meal schedule and put it on your fridge, in the pocket of your favorite jeans, or simply on your laptop.


You will know everything you will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


FYI, if you do not like to eat breakfast, take the snack offered at your 10-hour break or to taste it, what matters is to eat it, no matter what time of day.

Nourriture colorée


Fast, Delicious, with BIG POWER

Like you, I don't always have the time or the desire to cook, so goodbye to complicated recipes, here we want fast, simple, efficient and delicious!


We will use seasonal products (and if you can, preferably organic and local products)


For each recipe you will have the list of ingredients, the explanations for the realization of the recipe and especially what I call SUPERS POWERS => what eating these ingredients will bring you to transform you into Super Hero with full of energy: D

Parent et enfant au supermarché

Shopping List

Everything is ready for you

When you change your eating habits, you integrate new foods, and suddenly you are quickly lost when shopping.


To avoid this discomfort, I give you the shopping list.

Demandez à un expert


I am here to help you

If you don't feel like doing this program alone on your side, I suggest:


- join the private group TheRawFrenchy on messenger where you can chat with people who follow the same program as you.


I would obviously be in this Messenger group to answer your questions :)

Cahier rose


Knowing that we are doing good

Because it is important to note how this new week is going for you :)


What are your feelings, your facilities, your difficulties. Was it finally a whole week complicated? Are you ready to retry the experience? Do you want to go further?


Because it's always good to take stock and see how we have progress :)


Food Secrets

I am here to explain to you

Because it is important to me that you understand why these recipes are good for you; in this program I will reveal secrets about food.


I will democratize this knowledge, so that you understand how food works on your body, and that you can eat while being aware of how this or that food will work and why.


If everything you've read above resonates with you, then go for it!

Trust yourself

Believe in yourself

You can

It's only a week

You're going to learn a lot

And you will be proud to have succeeded at the end of the week

Proud to have dedicated this week to you

Proud to have dedicated this week to the environment

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