Hi There!

I'm Bérengère and I'm known on the Internet as The Raw Frenchy.

I'm 33 years old, born and raised in France, I had the opportunity to live in Chile, Canada, United States and Morocco for several years. Back in France I want to share my Knowledge about Food & Nutrition with you!

I graduated from a Business School in Paris, I have a Master in Marketing and Management of Tourism. This explain my love for travelling, hotels and restaurants ;)

I also have an Auto-immune disease, since I am a little girl, I have arthritis. I didn’t want to accept my fate, so I decided to look for the best experts, I changed my diet and today I have no more treatments, my disease is in airplane mode like I like to say.


 I share my knowledge on Health & Nutrition, because we shouldn’t wait to face health issues or Covid crisis to look at what we eat. 

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